How to Get Rid of Muscle Pain in the Upper Arm?

A self-massage is often the best, fastest and cheapest way to come to grips with upper arm pain.

Why? Muscle tension and trigger points do not go away by themselves, but can be “massaged out” of a muscle.

And, most of the time you don’t need any outside help.

A self-massage is very effective because you “communicate” directly with the control centre guiding your muscle tone, namely your nervous system.

Tension in the muscles can be reduced by your nervous system when adequate pressure is applied to the muscles.


What should you watch out for during the massage?

It is important that you concentrate on painful or pressure-sensitive tissue.

Healthy muscles do not respond to pressure with pain. Pain is often an alarm signal and indicates that something is wrong at the area in question.

Listen to these signals and focus your massage on the tense or painful areas in a muscle.


How often should you massage yourself?

Most of the time, daily massages (multiple times per day) help alleviate muscle pain in the upper arm within a few days or weeks, and can even eliminate it.

Afterwards, they help maintaining tension at a normal level, and prevent pain from flaring up again.

These are of course primarily my experiences.

Moreover, massages only work if they are carried out regularly. Once a week is not enough!