How To Diagnose and Treat Hemophilia?


A blood test can be used to find out a clotting-factor deficiency. People with severe hemophilia are diagnosed simply by their severe symptoms. Mild forms of hemophilia may not be apparent until adulthood.


The main treatment for severe hemophilia involves receiving replacement of the specific clotting factor that you need through a tube placed in a vein. There are also other therapies including:

  • Desmopressin (DDAVP) to stimulate your body to release more clotting factor.
  • Clot-preserving medications (anti-fibrinolytics) to prevent clots from breaking down.
  • Fibrin sealants to promote clotting and healing.
  • Physical therapy if internal bleeding has damaged your joints mildly
  • First aid for minor cuts.
  • Vaccinations against hepatitis A and B.

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