How To Deal With Hypoglycemia in Pregnancy?

How to deal with hypoglycemia in pregnancy?

Here are three suggestions:

  • Dietary Method:
    Recommended treatment for hypoglycemia during pregnancy includes eating 15g of carbohydrates or sugar, such as a piece of hard candy, ½ a cup of sugary drink (juice or regular soda), or 3 tables or gels of glucose. This treatment should be repeated till the blood glucose level becomes normal.
  • Hormonal Injection:
    Alternatively, a female may be prescribed a glucagon kit to use at home, as the injection of this hormone can increase the level of blood sugar, which stimulates the liver to produce more sugar and send it into the blood.
  • Emergency Treatment
    You can self-treat most of the episodes of hypoglycemia. However, in severe cases where one is unable to drink or eat, it may become necessary to seek emergency treatment. If a female becomes unconscious due to hypoglycemia, do not put anything into her mouth and call 911,in case that you or someone else in the family is trained to inject glucagon and if it’s available you can inject it.

Please ask more details from doctors or nurses if needed.

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