How to Choose the Best Sleep Apnea Devices?

How to choose the best sleep apnea devices?

The main purpose of sleep apnea treatment is to help you open your airway and let you breathe better while you’re sleeping. Many sleep apnea devices can reach that goal. There are so many devices in the market that many people don’t which to choose. I am going to introduce some popular sleep apnea devices, and you can choose one or more according to your needs.

  • CPAP
    CPAP machines is the most commonly used device in treating sleep apnea, and it proved to be very beneficial. CPAP machines use a mask that fits over your nose, or nose and mouth. It blows air at a pressure that keeps your airway open during sleep.
  • Mouth Devices
    There are several types of mouth devices, including mandibular advancement device (MAD), tongue retaining device, and“boil and bite” device. And no matter what type you choose, you need to see a dentist to have it fitted.
  • Position Pillows
    You can find position pillows which designed for use with a CPAP machine or without.Position pillows designed for use with a CPAP machine can make you feel more comfortable when you wear your CPAP mask. And the other type is meant to raise your upper body, so your airway is more likely to stay open.
  • Nerve Stimulation Devices
    Nerve Stimulation Devices are very small. Your doctor will put it inside your chest through minor surgery. Nerve Stimulation Devices can monitor your breathing patterns and send signals to the nerves that control your tongue and other muscles to move forward, so that your airway can stay open.

No matter what type device you choose, please consult your doctor first.

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