How to Avoid Hypoglycemic Episodes?

How to avoid hypoglycemic episodes?

Glucose tablets and glucose drips can be used to quickly raise blood sugar in patients experiencing hypoglycemic episodes. Some people carry tablets, hard candy, and other snacks to manage their blood sugar throughout the day.

Here, I have some other tips for you:

  • Carefully read the labels of your medication: Some medicines can trigger hypoglycemia, including certain antidepressants, malaria drugs, so you should research your medication for potential side effects and speak with your doctors.
  • Adjust your lifestyle: Reduce stress, exercise regularly and moderately, reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption, stop smoking, lose excess weight, and keep glucose tablets on hand.
  • Change your eating habits or diet: eat a limited amount of complex carbohydrates, keep snacks on hand and plan your meal at regular intervals.

Please ask dietitians or medical experts for more if needed.

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