How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Restaurants?

How to avoid food poisoning in restaurants?

Here are some suggestions for you that may help lessen the risk of food poisoning at restaurants:

Stay away from those restaurants that have lots of trashes in the parking lot.
The outside environment of restaurants may offer some insights into the inside environment of restaurants.

Avoiding eating at salad bars.
It is rarely for foods in salad bars to be kept in correct temperature, and lots of people can touch the utensils and even the foods, thus multiplying bacteria rapidly.

Smell the food.
If the food has some strange odor or taste, send it back immediately.

Avoiding eating fish on Monday.
The fishes on Monday may be kept from last Saturday till now, they are not fresh anymore.

Don’t eat salsa and guacamole at restaurants.
Reports have said that salsa and guacamole have increasingly become the cause for food poisoning, they are made in large batches with several ingredients, and often not refrigerated properly.

Examine the uniforms and aprons of the cooks and wait staff.
If they wear clean uniforms and aprons, you may walk into the restaurant.

What have been said above are all personal opinions, please seek relevant experts for more advices if possible.

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