How Many Types of Dementia?

How many types of dementia?

At present, there are ten types of dementia. Here is a form of the types and their symptoms.

Types Symptoms
Alzheimer’s Be confused about where he is or what day or year it is

Have problems speaking or writing

Lose things and be unable to backtrack to find them

Show poor judgment

Have mood and personality changes

Parkinson’s Nervous system disorder

The same symptoms as DLB

Huntington’s Problems in:

thinking and reasoning



planning and organizing


Vascular Dementia Memory problems

Poor judgment or trouble planning, organizing, and making decisions

Trouble speaking or understanding speech

Being confused or agitated

Changes in personality and mood

Problems walking and having frequent falls

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Problems walking, trouble thinking and concentrating, and personality and behavior changes.
Lewy Body Problems thinking clearly, making decisions, or paying attention

Memory trouble

Seeing things that aren’t there, known as visual hallucinations

Unusual sleepiness during the day

Periods of “blanking out” or staring

Problems with movement, including trembling, slowness, and trouble walking

Dreams where you act out physically, including, talking, walking, and kicking

Frontotemporal Personality and behavior changes

Sudden lack of inhibitions in personal and social situations

Problems coming up with the right words for things when speaking

Movement problems, such as shakiness, balance problems, and muscle spasms

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Memory and concentration problems

Poor judgment


Mood swings


Sleep problems

Twitching or jerky muscles

Trouble walking

Wernicke-Korsakoff Problem with memory
Mixed Dementia A combination of two types of dementia. The most common combination is Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

A person with dementia may show any of the symptoms listed above, but the most commonly is the memory loss.


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