How Long Does Sunburn Last?

How long does sunburn last?

How long a sunburn will last depends on several factors, including the severity of the burn, treatment methods and your complexion.

The severity of the burn

Mild sunburns

Mild sunburns can last anywhere  three to five days. It usually comes with redness and some pain in the skin. But the skin may also peel a bit toward the last couple of days as the skin regenerates.

Moderate sunburns

Moderate sunburns usually take about a week to heal completely. The skin is originally red, swollen, and hot to the touch, and it may continue to peel for a few more days.

Severe sunburns

Severe sunburns often take up to two weeks to fully recover. There will be painful blistering and very red skin, and it is sometimes required to visit a doctor or go to hospital.

Skin Type

Reaction to the sun varies from person to person due to different skin types. It is said that people with fair skin are more likely to experience a burn than someone with naturally darker skin. This is because melanin protects the skin against UV damage, and light skin does not have as much.

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