How Is Fibromyalgia and Migraine Related?

How is fibromyalgia and migraine related?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome which manifests as chronic widespread pain. The pain is in the muscles and soft tissues, not in the joints. Specific tender points must be present for more than three months before the diagnosis is made.

Fibromyalgis is a central nervous system disorder. The chronic pain is associated with central senisitization, which can make pain processing in the brain occur more easily.

Fibromyalgia and Migraine
Estimates of migraine or chronic headache in fibromyalgia range from 30% to over 50%.

An epidemiologic study of headache in fibromyalgia was conducted, and 63% of fibromyalgia patients were found to have migraine. Only 8% met criteria for medication overuse headache.

In a study of 92 consecutive migraine patients who were assessed for fibromyalgia, 22.2% of female migraineurs (and none of the men) were found to have fibromyalgia. Migraine severity and characteristics were similar in both those who had fibromyalgia and those who did not.

A questionnaire-based survey found that migraine with aura sufferers were more likely to to have comorbid conditions than were those who had migraine without aura. Women with migraine were more likely than men to have comorbid conditions.

You’d better consult with your doctor if you develop the symtoms.

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