How does the Type 1 Diabetes Come and Go?

Type 1 diabetes results from no insulin. Your body is unable to make insulin, making it impossible to process glucose. To deal well with the type 2 diabetes, we should should know its causes and common treatments in the first place.

How does it come?

In fact, we don’t know the details exactly. Type 1 diabetes is a kind of autoimmune disease because immune system here mistakenly destroys beta cells in the pancreas which is the source of insulin. In a word, we can attribute its cause into immune attack.

when you have diabetes, it usually comes in the following symptoms : excessive hunger, excessive thirst, blurry vision, fatigue, excessive urination, and dramatic weight loss in a short period of time. Also, ketoacidosis may occour. To avoid those unhealthy signs, we need to learn about its treatment.

How does it “go”?
As we all know, diabetes is unable to cure once for all. However, we still need to take care of the blood level carefully for a better living condition. The treatment is really easy: insulin, healthy eating and regular exercise.

1. Insulin

Insulin is necessary for type one diabetes in a daily way. In general, patients take the insulin through injection. On top of the injection, an insulin pump is also an alternative. The pump injects insulin through a port in the skin in terms of the blood glucose monitoring and carb counting, which is easier for some people than sticking themselves with a needle. The amount of the insulin should cater to your blood sugar level.

2. Diet and exercise

Regular meals and snacks is good for a stable blood sugar. You ask for a healthy, balanced eating plan from the dietitian professional in diabetes. Exercise also helps lower blood sugar levels. It can also affect your insulin amounts.

Diabetes is chronic and dangerous.Its complications are terrible, especially in feet. So it’s important to check your blood sugar, body conditions, diet and exercise every day.