How do I choose the best shoulder support brace

A shoulder support brace is helpful in shoulder injury recovery and prevention of new injury. It can be used to heal your shoulder quickly and avoid new damage. Unlike a basic sling, shoulder braces provide stronger, more reliable support.

When choosing a shoulder support brace, there’re two factors to consider: the support level and the brace material.

Support level

The support level of a shoulder support brace should mainly depend on the injured person’s level of mobility and daily tasks during the injury.

Basic support level braces are normally smaller and made out of a stretch fabric. These braces are good for wearing during a normal work day or when sleeping since they are more comfortable than those designed for extra support. Basic support level is a good choice for posture-related injuries.

Moderate support shoulder braces usually cover more of the shoulder and stretch less. This level of support often works great for athletes. It offers more support than a basic brace, but still allows for an ample amount of movement.This support level works well on athletes.

High support braces should only be used during recovery from a serious injury in which the shoulder needs to be immobilized. These braces are designed to hold the shoulder in one place to help correct an injury. When worn, the shoulder cannot be used for any type of activity, including everyday tasks. High support is usually a choice of a joint or rotator cuff injury.


A should support brace can be made of various materials.

Many shoulder support braces are made from neoprene, which makes most people sweat. This might not be the best choice of material for wearing a brace all day. Others include elastic, Lycar fiber.

The higher levels may also have supports made out of metal or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is strong, breathable, it’s a good material yet expensive.


Some shoulder support braces are designed with a pressure pad with ice pack or heat pack. Ice is used at the beginning of injury to reduce the inflammation, and heat is used to relax the muscles when the inflammation is relieved. This design makes it easier to get the stability, compression and ice/heat at the same time.

Other tips

The body shape of female varies significantly with the male’s, so bear in mind a woman has to choose a product designed for women.

A functional brace is for either left shoulder or the right shoulder, because the designs on the front side and the back side are different. If you put a brace designed for the left shoulder on your right shoulder, you can’t get enough brace support.





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