How Can Acupuncture Help Ease Diabetes Pains?


How can acupuncture help ease diabetes pains?


According to many western researchers, acupuncture can change brain chemicals that affect people’s body and mind. It’s estimated that the healing ability of acupuncture may derive from its effect on hormones, the nerve system and a brain chemical called endorphins. One milestone study shows that acupuncture can help some diabetic patients by relieving symptoms of pain and improving movement. Certain uses of acupuncture linked with pain have been approved by both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and World Health Organization (WHO).


Normally, an acupuncture will need six to 15 needles per treatment. The needles are inserted into your skin and are left in for 10-20 minutes. According to your condition, the acupuncturist may twist the needles to add more effects.


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