Home remedy for ED

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is age, but younger men may experience persistent or even transient power weakness due to illness or personal or occupational stress.

In U.S. there are more than 3 million cases every year, it’s more common than you might have thought.

Generally, ED results due to reduced blood flow to the penis or inability of the penile muscles to relax during sexual activity. There could be various underlying causes for erection problems, including diabetes and heart problems. Inability to get and maintain erection is the primary symptom noted. Treament include medication, therapies and implant surgery, 

There are some measures you can take at home that may help.

• Pineapple, sweet almonds, honey, asparagus and oatmeal increase potency and should be on the daily diet.

• Eat a lot of anti-socks or drink three tablespoons of antiskin juice daily.

• Drink a glass of celery juice daily.

• Crush the interior of 15 cherry pits and pour over 100 milliliters of alcohol. Leave it for four weeks and then strain it off. Take one teaspoon each morning and evening.