Home remedies for herpes

Herpes occurs mainly on the lips and on the oral mucosa and is caused by viruses. The first signs are a slight itching and tingling. Then there are painful skin blisters, which are filled with a light liquid. After a few days, they dry up and usually heal without scarring. 

The herpes viruses often go unnoticed in the body after an infection and become active again in the case of immune deficiency, severe stress, an infection or strong sunlight.

Possible measures for herpes:

• Cold and moist conditions provide relief in case of an acute infection. They are particularly effective with additions of oak bark, chamomile or yarrow.

• Drinking two to three cups of sage tea daily will relieve itching.

• As a precaution, you can take finished preparations made of red coneflower. However, you must not carry out such a cure for longer than eight weeks, as otherwise the susceptibility increases.

• The strengthening of the immune system, autogenic training, yoga and other relaxation exercises as well as protection from strong sunlight are the most important preventative measures.