Home remedies for eczema

An itchy and painful rash of spots, nodules, dandruff or blisters is referred to as eczema. Most eczema is caused by exposure to allergens.

Take an oak bark bath, which inhibits the inflammation. To do this, boil a handful of oak bark in one liter of water. After straining, add the tea to the bath water. The bath should be about 38 degrees and not longer than 20 minutes.

For a healing herb dressing, brew five tablespoons of daisy blossoms with 1/4 liter of boiling water, strain for ten minutes, strain. Dip a linen cloth in the decoction and place it several times a day on the diseased skin.

Dissolve healing clay in cold water according to the instructions in the package. Then dip a linen cloth in it and place it on the eczema. Cover the overlay with a wool scarf and let it work for two hours.