Home remedies for earache

Poor pressure equalization due to large altitude fluctuations, such as during takeoff and landing in the aircraft, can lead to slight ear pain or numbness. 

If the external auditory canal is closed by foreign bodies, or if the nasal mucous membrane is heavily swollen by a cold, mild earache also occurs.

If the ear pain is associated with a purulent secretion that escapes from the ears, there is usually an inflammation of the external auditory organ.

Strong earache with fever indicate a pneumonia.

If you have a constant feeling of pressure on the ears, mild pain lasting several days or severe pain accompanied by fever, you should consult a doctor.

Possible measures against earache:

  • When flying or driving through the mountains, you should frequently swallow to promote pressure equalization. You can also support this with chewing gum or candy sucking. Try to yawn.
  • The external ear canal easily ignites when fluid is in the ear. Dab your ears dry after showering and use ear plugs while swimming.
  • Heat treatments are always helpful for mild earache. Sit sideways¬† several times a day in front of a red light lamp.
  • Make warm ear wraps with salt additives or put on a warm hay flower sack.
  • Onion pads releive the discomfort. You can simply put onion slices behind the ear several times a day.
  • For an onion wrap, wrap a chopped onion in a cloth and place it on the ear. Cover it with a warm cloth and put on a cap over it. Leave the envelope to work for two hours.
  • Soak a bit of cotton wool with St. John’s wort, clove or tea tree oil and bring it carefully into the front ear canal.
  • A head steam bath is also very helpful for earache. Boil one liter of water and add one tablespoon of chamomile flowers. Then cover the head and bowl with a towel and inhale the fumes.