Home Remedies for Ear Infection

Ear infection is one of the most common diseases in young children, and if left untreated this infection can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Warning: Ear infection is actually a very dangerous health problem that can lead to certain health complications, such as infection of skull bones, enlarged tonsils and a ruptured eardrum. If you or your child detects the characteristic symptoms and signs of ear infection, you should consult your home care provider as soon as possible to ensure that the disease is properly and timely diagnosed and cured. Here are some home remedies that can help treat ear infection better


1. Strawberry

This is the first home remedy for ear infection that I want to recommend. Strawberry contains a very high level of vitamin C and this fruit has been used to promote optimal health and to supplement powerful and essential antioxidant protection for a long time. Therefore, you should consume these healthy and delicious red fruits regularly and your ear infection will gradually disappear.


2. Raspberry

Raspberries are also a great source of folate, potassium, iodine, fiber and manganese. They can help treat ear infection effectively and quickly. Raspberry is ready for consumption with deep red color, attractive aroma, and it is moderately soft. Therefore, many people love this fruit, while also


3. Fish oil

Deep-sea oily fish such as herring, mackerel, tuna, sardines and salmon are abundant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fatty acids are important for building healthy optimal immune system and can act as a natural anti-inflammatory. You should take at least 2000 mg of fish oil capsules daily or consume deep-sea fish and fish oil 3 times a week to cure your ear infection. Cod liver oil is also a good choice for you because it combines the essential fish oil with vitamin A.


4. Ginger

Ginger is also very well known for its various health effects, from soothing dry cough, relieving symptoms of the flu, to easing the stomach upset. Ginger is a spicy, pungent spice that is known for its anti-inflammatory and warming properties. Ginger is very good for soothing sore ear and it can help lessen the stomach upset and nausea that sometimes accompanies the ear infection. You can juice the ginger root, take it in a small amount and dilute it to the fresh fruit and vegetable juices.


5. Warm water bottles

You should apply some heat to treat the ear infection. This method can help prevent microorganism infestation and quickly relieve some of the pain.

How to apply:

Use a warm compress.

Dip a clean cloth in warm water, ring the excess water and place the cloth on the infected ear.

You can also press a heating pad or a hot water bottle against infected ear. Do not let your ear contact with heat for a long time.

Just leave the cloth for about 5 minutes, then remove the heat for a while, and apply the method again. Do it about 3 times a day.