Home Remedies for Dry Nose

Cold or allergy season can leave you with a dry nose. While a dry nose is uncomfortable, there are many natural home remedies that can treat a dry nose.


1. Drink a lot of water

This is the first natural home remedy for dry nose I want to introduce in this article. Water is one of the best moisturizer sources for the body in dry, cold weather. The tissues in your body will become dry due to the decline or lack of fluids. The addition of water every day will help your nasal tissues work more efficiently.

You should drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water every day.


2. Use natural essential oils

Natural essential oil is an effective solution that will help treat dry nose in the winter. There are many different oils for you to choose, and the use of proper and oils is very important. You can apply the following two essential oils:

Almond oil:

Almond has an excellent moisturizing effect and can effectively treat dry nose. It is a rich source of minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other vitamins that is very beneficial in curing dry nose. In addition, almond oil works as a natural softener that keeps the loss of moisture in check. You can mix almond oil with aloe vera gel and rub this mixture all over your nose, and then rinse with warm water. After that, you will see your situation significantly improved.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has been widely used in winter because of its ability to effectively moisturize the skin and body. You only need to apply a moderate amount of coconut oil to your nose, and it will help make your nose softer and smoother effectively.


3. Sauna

Steam bathing (or sauna) not only can regularly help you strengthen your health, regulating the blood circulation, but also help you to relieve the dry nose condition. Sauna shower is absolutely the most effective treatment in helping to cure your dry nose along with sore muscles. You should use this method regularly to get the best results.

If you do not have enough money to take a sauna shower, you can essentially add a shower with warm water and a few drops of peppermint oil with an extra result.


4. Saltwater spray

This is one of the best treatments for dry nose. And it is both effective and easy. You can spray saltwater at home and periodically at the nose to improve the situation of the dry nose.


5. Sesame oil

Few people know that sesame oil, the oil that is often used in daily diet, is able to cure dry nose in winter. If you suffer from dry nose, the most uncomfortable thing is pain and tingling. While sesame oil can relieve your symptoms.

Just mix a little sesame oil with chamomile oil and apply this mixture regularly for weeks to get the best results on the nose.