Home Remedies for Chafing

If your skin rubs against other clothing or skin repeatedly, it can become irritated, become red and painful. This uncomfortable condition, also known as chafing, gets worse when you are overweight and sweat constantly.


Although it is not a dangerous problem, it will make you feel uncomfortable and increase the risk of infection as well as other complications. In order to reduce the pain and the burning sensation on the skin, you can find some simple and natural remedies at home.


1. Cold compress

You should apply cold compresses to your affected areas as soon as possible. This process will reduce redness and then relieve irritation.

How to apply:

Wrap some ice cubes in the thin towel.

Then put it on your affected area for about 5 minutes.

Well, take a break and then repeat this process again.

You should do this simple remedy for a few times a day for several days.


2. Oatmeal and warm water

Oatmeal contains many medicinal properties and can cleanse, moisturize and soothe the affected skin.

How to apply:

First, fill this bathtub with warm water. Then add oatmeal powder and mix well.

Next, enjoy yourself in it for 25 to 35 minutes.

Then rinse your body with warm water.

Finally, dab your skin dry with the soft towel.

You can use this remedy daily.

Do not rub or scrub the affected skin.


3. Baking soda, lavender oil, and water

Baking soda can help to reduce itching and soreness. In addition, its healing properties can help treat the condition quickly and even reduce the risk of infection.

How to apply:

First, mix baking soda and water well, and add a few drops of lavender oil.

Then apply the mixture to your affected area and wait for 5 minutes.

Finally, rinse this area with cold water.

You can apply this remedy daily for several days.


4. Green tea, chamomile tea, calendula flowers, and water

Soaking your affected areas in a relaxing bath can be considered as one of the simplest home remedies, as they can relax and soothe the skin that becomes irritated. In addition, this remedy with green tea, chamomile tea, and calendula flowers is also known as a healing, relaxing and soothing bath.


Green tea – 1/3 cup

Dried calendula flowers – 1/3 cup

Chamomile tea – 1/3 cup

Water – 2 liters

How to apply:

First, take green tea, chamomile tea and dried calendula blossoms.

Then cook them with water.

Next, steep it until it cools to warm and then add then into bath water.

After that, enjoy the affected area in this bath about twenty minutes.

Finally, dab your skin dry.


5. Tea tree oil and water

In fact, tea tree oil is a great topical treatment for some skin irritation, including chafing. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it can provide protection against infections.

How to apply:

First, dip the clean cotton ball into the water.

Then sprinkle a few drops of tea tree oil on it.

Next, gently squeeze the cotton ball against your affected skin.

You should do this remedy twice a day until you completely get rid of this problem.

You can also add a few drops of this oil to any unscented moisturizer and then apply it to your affected area.