Home Remedies for Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection. The affected skin appears swollen and red and is typically painful. It usually affects the skin on the lower legs but can also occur in other areas. If left untreated, the infection can spread to your lymph nodes and bloodstream and threaten your life. Despite medicines, there are also home remedies that can treat your condition.


1. Vitamins

The anti-infective effect of vitamin A can help treat this skin disease. Consuming vitamin C on a regular basis can help heal the rashes and sores. Furthermore, it can help strengthen your immune system. Besides, it is important for those who suffer from cellulitis to consume vitamin E regularly to reduce the development of this skin infection problem. There are many foods that are abundant in these vitamins, such as sunflower seeds, almond butter, wheat germ oil, dairy products, nuts, olive oil, orange, and carrot.


2. Neem

Neem leaf juice can be used to treat animal/insect bites and skin wounds. Consuming neem leaf juice diluted with water regularly can help relieve your cellulitis symptoms. The neem tree-derived oil can be used to apply directly to the skin to kill the bacteria. The oil extracted from Neem Tree could be mixed with water to provide a solution to flush the infected area.


3. Warm bath

Prevention is better than treatment, and it has always been right for centuries. Cellulitis can be prevented by using some simple methods. People need to avoid barefoot walking, bathing on a regular basis and maintaining good hygiene on foot. You need to give your wounds proper care and take warm bathing every day to quickly reduce the symptoms.


4. Pineapple

Pineapple has an enzyme known as bromelain, which can help cellulitis to heal quickly and effectively. You should add pineapple to your daily meal to help cure it quickly. You can also take pineapple regularly to prevent cellulitis.


5. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is a native plant in North America. In the US, various beauty and medicinal products are made from goldenseal. Turmeric root is a good home remedy for cellulitis infection due to the anti-inflammatory effects it offers. You can prepare a home treatment cure just by mixing a sufficient amount of water with turmeric powder and using the paste to apply directly to the infected parts of the body.