Home Remedies for Cellulite on the Thighs and Legs

Cellulite is caused by free-floating fat cells, which are deposited only under the skin. Cellulite has a special appearance, and it’s like the dimpled surface of cottage cheese or orange peel. Genetics, hormones, and an unhealthy lifestyle are the most common causes of cellulite. Here are some useful natural home remedies for cellulite.


1. Increase vitamin C and E intake

These vitamins are served as basic antioxidants, which can “eliminate” the free radicals and help to prevent an accumulation of fat. The major sources of these vitamins are orange, grapefruit, kiwi, vegetable oil, green tea, yellow pepper, papaya, guava, cabbage, strawberries, almonds, radishes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, spinach, vegetable oil, avocado, broccoli, taro, kiwi and mango.


2. Drink green tea

To reduce cellulite on the thighs and legs, you should drink green tea every day to slow down aging and oxidation. Also, do not skip meals and eat snacks, stay away from sugary foods at dinner, for sugar is not consumed when it is near bedtime.


3. Take enough protein needed

You should note the amount of protein needed in a day to make sure that the muscles are toned. Also, always drink enough water for 1 day from 1.5L – 2L.

Here is a list of top foods that are high in protein:

Fish (tuna, salmon, halibut)

Turkey breast (and chicken breast)

Beans (ripe soybeans)

Tofu and eggs (especially protein)

Lean beef (low fat)

Nuts and seeds (pumpkin, watermelon seeds, squash, peanuts and almonds)

Pork loin (chops)

Cheese (fat mozzarella)

Yogurt, milk and soymilk


4. Exercise and massage

Swimming, jogging, aerobics, cycling and fast walking are the best exercises to reduce cellulite. If you have a lot of free time for exercise, try to spend 15 minutes a day. You do not have to go outdoors; you can take advantage of the exercise during working hours.

For example, instead of sending e-mails to colleagues, you can come to the table to discuss. Besides, you don’t need to sit on your chair for a long time, you can always stand up and take some steps in the room. You should take advantage of the stairs to tighten legs instead of using the elevator. Sweating also helps to effectively release the subcutaneous fat.

In addition, you can spend 10 minutes a day massaging, especially in areas prone to cellulite (such as thighs, hips and abdomen). You can massage your thighs and legs when you’re in the shower.


5. Herbs

Some herbs work best, such as Abel, Paraguay tea, Fennel coleus forskohlii. These herbs can penetrate deeply into the skin, adding some nutrients to the dermis. In addition, caffeine, theophylline, yohimbe, aminophylline and isopreterol contain enpinephrine or adrenaline, which act on the fat cells, and help to accelerate the process of lipolysis.