Home Remedies for Burns on the Fingers

Burn is a type of injury or skin disorder caused by radiation, friction, chemicals, electricity or heat. Burning has an impact on the health of the skin. Here are some home remedies that can relieve some pain of burns.


1. Egg White

Your wound needs to reduce the heat. You should get the egg white, stir it in a bowl, and soak your wound inside. Or you can apply it with gauze and to your burn about 4 times a day and swelling of your affected skin area will quickly get reduced.


2. Onion

You should cut a piece of onion and get the juice from it to pour on the burn, do not forget to use it immediately, because if you leave the onion juice in the air for too long, its effect will be reduced in reducing analgesics and preventing blistering. You need to apply this tip several times a day and quickly restore your burned skin.


3. Turmeric

This is also one of the most effective home remedies for burns on the fingers. You only have to mill the turmeric and boil it with sesame oil or peanut oil. Then allow it to cool and pour into a jar. If you burn yourself, you need to dip a piece of cotton fabric in this solution and apply it to the wound. The pain due to the burn will be immediately reduced and will not leave ugly scars on the skin.


4. Diluted saltwater

Light (diluted) saltwater has disinfecting properties, so using diluted salt water to wash the wound will make it capable of reducing inflammation, preventing infection and helping to heal the wound faster.


5. Alcohol

Enjoying your skin area with alcohol, and it will help relieve the swelling and redness of the burn. You should soak the wound for about 1 to 2 hours, and the burned skin area will be restored as normal. You can also use a piece of alcohol-absorbing cotton cloth to cover up the burn and pour alcohol continuously on the cloth so that it will not become dry.