Home Remedies for Bruises

The bruises can appear on the skin as the “results” of the hematoma caused by accidents, collisions, falls … This can not only cause pain, but also affect the aesthetics of the skin. Here are some natural and home remedies than can help you reduce those ugly bruises.


1. Chicken Egg

In fact, eggs have a very good effect on reducing and gradually removing the blue spots. In order to use this remedy, you can boil the egg and then roll up the egg on the bruises when the egg is still relatively hot.


2. Margarine

Some kids are scared about the hard cold feeling when applying cold compress, so you should not force them to use that method. Instead, you can apply margarine to the bruises. Margarine will help to reduce the swollen wounds.


3. Hot compress

If you are hurt, the blood will be secreted, causing bruises and poor blood circulation. Then you need to use a warm washcloth to cover the bruises. Massage gently to increase blood circulation and to make the hematoma “melted”.


4. Coffee powder

Working for a long time in front of the computer and staying up late are the causes of the dark circles under the swollen eyes. To gain the beauty for “the windows of the soul”, you should have a piece of cotton cloth dipped in black coffee and apply to the eyes. Let it stay for about 10 minutes. Remember, not to sprinkle coffee powder on your eyes.


5. Cabbage

Cabbage also contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Mince the cabbage leaves to get the cabbage juice, and use a piece of cotton cloth to absorb cabbage juice. Then, apply the cloth onto the bruises.


6. Fresh onion

Onion is not just a spice that helps increase the flavors of the dishes. You can also apply chopped onions to the bruises. But you should not apply them to open wounds.