Home Massage for Uroschesis

Uroschesis: refers to difficulty in urination or even retention of urine.

Clinical Manifestations: difficulty in urination; dribbling urination or scanty; deep-colored urine; burning sensation in urinating; retention of urine; difficult defecation; dry mouth and throat; restlessness; thirst with desire for drink; shortness of breath; cold lower abdomen; soreness and weakness of the loins and knees.

Therapeutic method: promoting the functional activity of Qi to reduce the difficulty in urination.

Manipulation: you need ask your family member or friend to help you. (they would be the “operator” below).
You should take the supine position and calm down yourself before the operation. The operator presses at the midpoint (named: Liniao) of the line connecting the umbilicus and Zhongji (RN 3) with the pressure becoming forceful gradually up to the extent that you can endure. The operator should stop, when you have the urination desire. If you don’t have the desire, the operator should massage your low abdomen for 3-5 minutes. Next, you should take the supine position with the lower limbs stretched straight, the operator should massage 100 times from the interior aspect of the knee via the point—Jimen (SP 11) to the groin, 10 minutes after this manipulation, you should go to the toilet.

Treatment is given 1 time daily, 1 course of treatment is made up of 3 times.

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