Home Massage for the Hiccup

Hiccup is due to going up adversely of Qi (air approximately) from below the diaphragm. It is manifested as sudden, sharp, frequent sound in the throat. Its onset is intermittent and uncontrollable.

Clinical Manifestations: hiccup with low sounds; poor appetite; sleepiness; shortness of breath; palpitation; weakened voice; continual and forceful hiccup; distending pain in the chest; foul breathe; restlessness; thirst; constipation; brown urine; poor appetite; absence of thirst; cold limbs which are worsened by cold.

Therapeutic Method: Regulating the stomach to make the adverse flow of Qi descend is the main method.

Manipulation: you need ask your family member or friend to help you. (they would be the “operator” below).
You should take the supine position, and the operator should sit beside you. First of all, massaging points Cuanzhu (BL 2) and Yuyao (EX-HN 4) at the both sides for 1 minute. If the hiccup is stopped, massaging points Danzhong (RN 17) and Zhongwan (RN 12) for 1-2 minutes each.

Treatment is given 1 time daily, 1 course of treatment involves 3 days.

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