Home care for sunburn

If you get sunburn, the exposed skin can show significant redness, burning pains, and at worst, blisters. If you have an additional headache and high fever, there is a sunstroke that should be treated by a doctor. Large blisters also require medical treatment.

To avoid sunburn, keep in mind that the sun is particularly strong between 11am and 2pm as well as in the sea and mountains. Sunscreen should be applied to your skin half an hour before sunbathing and you need to repeat a couple of times based on the guidance of your sunscreen cream.

If you’ve had a sunburn, these measures may relieve your discomfort.

• Cool the skin with ice water, wet towels or cold compresses.

• Cool the skin with black tea, cottage cheese or buttermilk, which you may leave on your skin for several hours.

• Crush a fresh lettuce and place the porridge on the burned area of the skin. Lay a cloth over it and only remove the envelope when the cooling effect wears off.

• For large sunburn, wrap yourself in wet cloths or wear a wet T-shirt.