Home care for stomach ulcer


Gastric ulcers, also called stomach ulcers, cause pain in the lining of the stomach because of open wounds and acid in the stomach. There are many causes of stomach ulcers, such as taking anti-inflammatory pills like ibuprofen or painkillers like aspirin, or infection of H. Pylori. Therefore, the treatments for stomach ulcer depend on the causes of this disease. The common treatments are antibiotics and drugs that reduces, controls and blocks acid in the stomach.

Other than regular medications, there’re measures we can take at home for better care of people with stomach ulcers.

Stress and anxiety are unfriendly to the stomach, actually there’re factors to stomach ulcers. Therefore, taking care of your mental health is helpful to your stomach health. Regular exercise helps you reduce stress and restore your energy. Therefore, 30 minutes exercises regularly will keep the ulcers at bay. Smoking is also the cause of stress. If you want to get rid of stomach as well as get rid of stress, it’s necessary to avoid smoking.

If you have stomach ulcer, you need to stay away from spicy and fried foods because they are the main culprits of the stomach ulcer. If you consume the spicy foods and fried foods, you can experience the nagging pain afterwards.

It’s also important to avoid alcohol and milk. Alcohol consumption will worsen the symptoms, after drinking two or three glasses of alcohol, you will not feel good. Many people think milk is good for health, that’s true but for people with stomach ulcer, it’s not since the calcium in the milk increase the acid prodcution in the stomach.Remeber, over produced acid leads to ulcer.

Scientists have proven that flavonoids are effective in the treatment of stomach ulcers. You can get flavonoids in foods like red grapes, berries, soybeans, cabbage, broccoli and green tea.

Another solution is to consume unrefined and high-fiber foods as much as possible. A high-fiber diet will keep your digestive lining from stomach acid. You can find fiber in broccoli, spinach and Brussels sprouts.

Garlic has antibacterial effects, it’s good for stomach health. You can consume two small cloves daily.