Hematomas in Horse-Symptoms & Treatments

Hematomas in Horse-Symptoms & Treatments

Hematoma, also known as blood blister, is a collection of blood under the skin. It can occur either within the muscle itself or between regions of connective tissue.

For horses with hematoma, the skin itself is not damaged, but the tissues and blood vessels underlying the skin are damaged, thus causing minor internal bleeding.


Symptoms of hematoma vary from size and placement. The common symptoms may include:

  • Presence of a soft lump
  • The lump may grow in size
  • Asymptomatic (is possible)


Once new hematoma was found, the first step would either ice or cold the hematoma for 15-20 minutes.

If the hematoma is overly large, we may lance the hematoma and let it drain.

Besides, we can also inject formalin directly into the mass to dissolve the blood clots.

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