Healthy Risks You Should Remember for The Bedridden Loved

Being bedridden is hard to adjust. It not only brings pain in the body without movement, but also keeps the patient in low mood.
As a result, the caregivers or family members should pay more attention to the bedridden ones, especially the health risks that bedridden patients are likely to face. Here we offer you some tips for preventing those health risks.


1. Pressure ulcers
Bedridden patients with limited mobility are prone to sit or lie in one position for long time, easily making pressure ulcers. Without enough blood there, pressure ulcers tend to get infection.It is necessary to rotate the patients periodically for pressure ulcers prevention.


2. Pulmonary problems
Sitting in only one place can also increase the pressure on your body, which gives rise to pulmonary congestion, pneumonia and back pain. Pneumonia is serious for the elderly due to their weakened immune system. So regularly rotating matters.

3. Depression
Unable to look after yourself and join in the social life are extremely desperate. Bedridden patients are prone to feel lonely and hopeless. So the emotional support from family is vital.

4. Sleep disorders
Limited movement makes you uncomfortable, which brings sleep problems. Sometimes, cannot moving during sleeping may keep you awake the whole night.
A relative comfortable gesture after rotating before sleep is a must on a daily basis. Besides, some incontinence supplies are helpful for a whole night sleep without “getting up”.

Furthermore, there are more and more to consider during the caregiving for the bedridden patients. For example, caregiver can depend on some incontinence supplies to get a full night sleep or get rid of the wet environment around the buns.
Except for the mentioned risks, you may meet the more difficult problems such as urinary and bowel incontinence. Remember, just use our patience and love to offer the best care as you can.



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