Good Helpers for the Elderly Can’t Care for Themselves

Do you have the experience of looking after the elderly who can’t care for themselves? Except for your patience and empathy, you need dozens of items which are designed for the elderly without self-care abilities.
Urinary and bowel incontinence products come first when it comes to the elderly caregiving. Check and get to know the common options!

1.Absorbent pads

Just put them inside your underwear, and this disposable pad will help you store 8 or more ounces of urine and make your skin not wet. Only one pad can soak up and clean up all kinds of leaks, simply and effectively. Luckily, there are lots of disposable pads available. You can choose for yourself, your elderly friend or relative according to the needs.


2.Incontinence panties

They are just like common underwear except for a waterproof liner. This washable panty can hold 10 ounces of urine or more. A 100% waterproof one means no leakage on to your bed sheets or mattress, which is important for the elderly losing ability to control their bladders. Therefore they can enjoy a full night sleep.


3.Disposable underwear


This looks like the elastic-banded underwear, with tapes on both sides. It is adjustable and you can easily remove it.And it counts the best choice for severe urinary or fecal incontinence. You can just throw it away after using.


4.Plastic pants

This pant works well for the mild to moderate leaks. The best point of this plastic pants is to control both odor and leakage. When choosing the plastic pants, do make sure the plastic pants fit you right without rubbing your skin.


5.Portable toilet

For those have difficulty in walking and moving, a portable toilet is a good choice. It can be placed beside or under your bed, conveniently and simply. This is more expensive than other panties and underwear, and also it is more durable than other products.




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