Fruits Help Get Pregnant, Fast Food The Opposite


Researchers at the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute published their study in Human Reproduction today, stating that women eating a good quality diet including fruits and minimizing fast food improves fertility and reduces time of getting pregnant.

The research was led by Professor Claire Roberts, who is Lloyd Cox Professorial Research Fellow from the University’s Robinson Research Institute. The study sample are 5598 women in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland.

Compared to women who ate fruit three or more times a day in the month before conception, women who ate fruit less than one to three times a month took half a month longer to become pregnant. Similarly, compared to women who never or rarely ate fast food, women who consumed fast food four or more times a week took nearly a month longer to become pregnant.

CDC says that 6.7% of married women aged 15-44 in U.S. are infertile. As from the study, in women with the lowest intake of fruit, the risk of infertility increased from 8% to 12%, and in those who ate fast food four or more times a week, the risk of infertility increased from 8% to 16%.

According to the researcher, women who are eager to conceive a child should try to avoid fast food and diet towards national dietary recommendations for pregnancy, especially involving enough fruits in the daily diet. However, interestingly, although considered healthy foods, green leafy vegetables and fish intake didn’t show improvement in fertility. So it’s just fruit!




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