Fish Oil – Thumb Up or Down?

Fish oil, comes third among the American widely used supplements. As a matter of fact, many people take the fish oil with no deep understanding of it. They just know that it contains rich omega-3 and this is good for health.

So what is the truth?  Here are all the debates and opinions for your information.

18th century (and earlier):  Cod liver oil cures all your pain.
In the old days of Germany and Britain, fish oil was considered as a panacea for various diseases such as wounds, body aches, the common cold and skin diseases, as well as rickets, rheumatism, gout and tuberculosis. And it became more commercial and refined in the following centuries.

2010: Fish oil supplements can’t help avoid postpartum depression or improve babies’ brains
Fish oil supplements was proved to be ineffective in preventing postpartum depression. Also, the babies’ intelligence don’t get higher with it. This opinion was backed up by a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2010.

2011: Fish oil supplements help treat ADHD and strengthen babies’  immune systems.
In 2011, the fish oil supplements rich in EPA, got its support from people with attention-deficit disorder, according to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. It was used along with the general prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.
What’s more, a study published in Pediatrics found that fish oil taking from mommies’ womb could make a strong  immune systems of the baby. Those babies had fewer cold than others in the first six months.

2012: Fish oil rejuvenate your brain.
Brain aging is more likely to occur in people who eat diets short on omega-3 fatty acids , according to Neurology. In terms of the brain scans, low omega-3 fatty acids group have the  tiny lesions in the brain, making them more risky death, stroke and dementia.
Here is a magic case in 2012, Bobby Ghassemi, a 17-year-old boy came into coma after unlucky car crash. Then he took a fish oil regimen. Two weeks later, Ghassemi began to move and recognize his family members gradually. High-dose fish oil was the cure, according to his  family.

2013: Fish oil supplements may cause prostate cancer
Fish oil makes a 43% increased risk of prostate cancer, according to a Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The risk even increased to 71% with large amounts of oily fish.

2015: Fish oil helps lose weight
Fish oil may reduce weight gain in middle age by transforming fat-storage cells into fat-burning cells, according to Scientific Reports.

2016: Fish oil during pregnancy lowers risk of asthma in children
Fish oil taking during the final three months of pregnancy helped lower risk of asthma in children, according to New England Journal of Medicine. Only 17% of those whose moms took the fish oil developed asthma. While for those whose moms took nothing, nearly 24% of the kids had asthma.

2018: Against children allergies?
Omega-3 fish oil supplements during pregnancy and lactation decreased a child’s risk of egg allergy by 30% , according to the Imperial College London.  While fish oil supplements are not recommended during pregnancy, according to the UK’s National Health Service. Vitamin A in the fish oil could be harmful if in high doses.  Meanwhile, pregnant women better not eat fish fish high in mercury, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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