FDA Approves Aimovig For Migraines

The U.S. FDA endorsed Aimovig for prevention of migraine in adults, through monthly self-injections yesterday.

Aimovig is the first in a new class of migraine drugs. As FDA said in a statement, Aimovig works by blocking the activity of calcitonin gene-related peptide, a molecule involved in migraine attacks.

Migraine is painful, and often debilitating condition. It affects more than 10 percent of people worldwide, and it’s three times more in women than in men. Aimovig works to reduce the number of days with migraine.

Aimovig is a monthly, self-injected treatment. It’s expected available to patients within one week, and is listed at a price of 6,900 dollars annually.

Aimovig is owned by the California-based Amgen Inc, the company has been collaborating with Swiss pharmaceutical firm Novartis to develop and commercialize treatments for migraine and Alzheimer’s.

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