FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: XANAX XR

User Comments:

For Panic Disorder “I would not be able to function on a daily basis”

Makaela January 23, 2018

For Panic Disorder “I take 0.5mg every morning for almost the past 5 years. I use this in conjunction with Lexapro and Trazodone. After being a long time sufferer of anxiety, which then resulted into depression, I finally sought help. My doc prescribed the Xanax XR and it worked immediately, within days I felt good again. I was told that the Lexapro took about 6 weeks to work, which it did and I feel even felt better. Taking the Lexapro I think has helped me not to increase the dosage of the XR, which has helped me with my maintenance. The Trazodone ensures my full night of sleep. Although I don’t like having to take all these meds, my life has improved significantly.”

Michael008 July 13, 2017

For Panic Disorder “I used to take Klonopin 1 mg once or twice a day as needed, but it would stress me out because I was always trying to figure out if my anxiety was bad enough to need it (I have OCD and general anxiety disorder) so a lot of times I really should have taken it I didn’t, which resulted in way more anxiety for me. My psychiatrist changed me to Xanax XR 1 mg to take each morning to help me with that, which worked better, but didn’t feel quite strong enough. So after that month, she increased it to Xanax XR 2 mgs each morning instead, and it’s been wonderful. I’m much less anxious, and I used to be so anxious constantly that life was just miserable for me.”

Gastroparesis Girl (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 20, 2017

For Panic Disorder “I take it at night in order to sleep because of a bad insomnia side effect from a MAOI. But now, if I miss just one night of the med, I wake up with paralyzing anxiety – chest tightness and heart palpitations. This drug does its job most of the time but it creates physical and psychological dependency and an AM hangover. I am looking to wean off of this soon once my new psychiatrist introduces other med changes. I see other users below saying they cut them in half – my psychiatrist said that is dangerous because of the XR properties. That is why the XR pills are not scored. I repeat – regular use of this med creates dependency.”

happypills8 (taken for 2 to 5 years) March 15, 2017

For Panic Disorder “Switched from xanax 2mg 1/2 to one tab 2x daily (AN for anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder) to Xanax xr 1mg twice daily with .5 xanax once daily AN for panic. The only thing Xanax Xr did was give me waves of relief, along with waves of anxiety also. Went through my xanax script quicker as it helped greatly compared to XR & needed less. Alprazolam is meant for short acting Anxiety relief. XR is marketing scheme, cost 26$ comp. to 0$ for xanax(w/ ins) Clonazepam,or Diazepam is much more suited for longer acting benzos that help with anxiety. Xanax XR makes it more difficult to stop using & get addicted much easier,than safely taking your regular xanax, as can break em apart, if you feel you need less one day, one week, you can wean yourself easier”

McFly2020 (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 12, 2017

For Anxiety “Im not sure if its doing anything. No side effects.O.5 mg 2x daily.”

Notsure134566 (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 6, 2017

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