FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: VUSION

User Comments:

For Diaper Rash “I used it on my 92 year old mother after it cured my 2 year old daughter. It is the best ever. Dried up the worst c. dif. rash ever in about three days. Other step therapy medications failed. The problem with the insurance says they do not approve it because the components of this ointment are available over the counter. Vusion however combines these OTC tropicals in a vehicle that cures at the most remarkable speed. I had to pay $444. for one tube but it started to dry up mom’s fungal within two days then healed the skin. Miracle topical. Used it for about a week.”

JerryPI July 3, 2015

For Diaper Rash “It worked after some time”

dottie lou March 30, 2015

For Diaper Rash “I’m adult using this Amazing Cream, skin folds, under breasts, between legs etc. wherever moisture is not exposed to air. OVER night notice of improvement with VUSION. Used OTHER “antifungals” and made my condition MUCH worse. VUSION is the BEST product on the market. “

Anonymous February 25, 2012

For Diaper Rash “Insurance covered before for same conditions, it is the BEST STUFF on the market and I’ve used alot of the antifungals, putting this on my skin was like putting “heaven” on my skin, BEST PRODUCT EVER! Trying to get insurance to cover. It treats OTHER conditions than “diaper rash” for under breast, groin areas, skin folds, anywhere moisture holds, using this and UNscented soaps, I noticed BIG difference over night! I’ve used “Other” antifungals and ZERO help and/or made condition MUCH worse. Wish it was affordable to buy if insurance will not cover again. I’ve tried 5 other antifungals and NO help at all.”

Anonymous February 2, 2012

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