FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: UPTRAVI

User Comments:

For Pulmonary Hypertension “Hi , I’m having the same as another person.I’m on 400mg twice a day. In sooo much pain..I asked my Dr’s nurse what to do, she said my body needs to get used to the PAIN!!! I need to talk to my doctor, he’s out of the country. I’m not getting it, this much pain and still can’t breathe right? I guess I will have to stay at this level NO WAY I’M MOVING UP!!!”

Tammy Beachem October 11, 2017

For Pulmonary Hypertension “I am with this medication for 2 months in 1600mg twice a day I don’t feel it help me and I have a lot of side effect like headache, hot red flashes on my face, eyes, pain in my legs, arms sometimes diarrhea, less appetite. I hope continuing this medicine improve my breathe because I’m not ok right now. I’m taking adcirca and( nitric oxide this is a study)..”

Ubita April 14, 2017

For Pulmonary Hypertension “I’m on my 2nd week of the tritation. I do have some headaches my skin is itchy and I have a weird heartburn sensation. However I will continue I hope the positive will outweigh the negative. It was hard to get this pill so I really want to try and makes it through this tritation. My other meds are letrais and sildeifide. which I love”

Eileene (taken for less than 1 month) March 19, 2017

For Pulmonary Hypertension “Its more convenient then doing a breathing treatment every two hours. That said i made it to 1200mcg twice a day .the headaches and body aches are side affects I accept them to breath better . I am staying at 1200 mcg for 3weeks now . I still have headaches (migraines) and are not as bad as when I have advanced each week .so this is my vacation before raising my dosage. I’m in stage 3 of pulmonary arterial hypertension and not on oxygen as of yet . I do take two other helpful medicines to help out . As I progress on Uptravi doses I cut back on breathing treatments (Ventavis)one dose a week .As of today I have stopped Ventavis and rely on the Uptravi . I hope Uptravi is the answer for helping me breathe better.”

ronston November 14, 2016

For Pulmonary Hypertension “I am on my second dose 400mcg 2 times a day. The doctor is gonna have to lower it to 200mcg. I felt good at that dose. Side effects are pain on my legs and arms and restlessness. When I was on 200mcg twice a day, they were mild side effects. When I uppered the dose to 400mcg 2 times a day, the side effects were terrible. I cant deal with that kind of pain. Toooo much. Guess my dosage is gonna be 200mcg a day.its only been 2 weeks. But at least I don’t get sob. I get tired cause the pain is sooo bad. Everyone is different so I would recommend it. I will be back in a month or two for my other rating. I haven’t been taking it that long. I just can’t stand that pain.”

Nyvia (taken for less than 1 month) April 7, 2016

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