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For von Willebrand’s Disease “My daughter is 16 and was diagnosed with Von Willebrand’s when she was 13. I have found that it is the only thing that stops her menstrual bleeding. We have tried birth control pills to prevent her from having menstruation, but that didn’t work. Without Stimate, she had bled for 7 weeks straight. She reports no side effects to me.”

Easpears July 2, 2011

For von Willebrand’s Disease “From my experience’s its worked amazingly well for my Von Willebrands disease. It makes your face flush and heat very quickly but its not that bad of a side effect. The first time I used it I was out of it for about 15 minutes and after that it never happened again.”

Anonymous August 25, 2010

For von Willebrand’s Disease “Stimate has been very effective with my 2 children in stopping a bleed quickly. It is our first line of defense when a severe bleed starts. Check with your doctor and have them test the effectiveness before using.”

Stimate User June 5, 2009

“Stimate works great. In the first few minutes you should see a decrease in bleeding.”

Obama 08 October 22, 2008

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