FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: SPRIX

User Comments:

For Pain “I like this stuff. Tastes terrible (I have a post nasal drip so a bit goes down that way). This works for me though. Pain just goes away”

Ej (taken for less than 1 month) February 25, 2018

For Pain “This medication worked so well that I can tolerate the horrid burning of my nose that seemed to penetrate all through my head and into my ears. It is awful but does not compare to the pain of a migraine headache. I was completely shocked by the results, I can actually go about my life as opposed to confined to my bed and dark room, dry heaving from the pain and light and smell sensitivity. Trust me 5 minutes of burning brain is welcomed to the results of this medication.”

LisaB8814 December 25, 2017

For Pain “I had major ankle surgery. This was one of the medication I was given. You have to keep it refrigerated, but one opened it can be a room temp. I want you to know my throat hurt so bad after surgery too. I had a nerve block done also so I waited till the next day to use this medication. I read about the burning, but didn’t realize it was like someone placing burning coals in you nose. I was like omg omg for about 5 mins. Then all of the sudden no pain, not even my throat was hurting anymore. After about 6 hrs. I did it again, it did hurt, but not as bad a the first time. The only thing was when it was wearing off I got a bad headache. Other than that no problems. For someone in moderate to severe pain I would recommend.”

Surgery of left ankle (taken for less than 1 month) December 1, 2017

For Pain “I was prescribed Sprix for a severe fibromyalgia flare that lasted almost 3 months and nothing my Pain Management Dr. prescribed had helped. I was prescribed Sprix and by the 2nd day I noted a considerable decrease in pain and by the end of day 4 the pain was gone. I finished up the 5 day treatment and 4 days post treatment am still pain free.”

Rob-H December 13, 2013

For Pain “Before you take Sprix, check out the patient instructional video. It was very helpful on how to take Sprix correctly. The most important thing to remember is that it is a NON-INHALED Nasal Spray Pain Medication. Yes, Non-Inhaled. You must breath through your mouth the whole time and spray mist away from the middle of your nose. I used it for my lower back pain. Felt relief within 40 minutes. Love the medication. Beats going to the Emergency room at 3am in the morning. Just remember to watch the video.”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) April 27, 2012

For Pain “Was getting severe migraines. Tried aspirin and Motrin. Both didn’t work at all. I needed something stronger. My doctor then prescribed Sprix nasal spray. She told me to spray to the outer part of my nostrils and to only breathe through my mouth (do not breathe through nose or sniff otherwise you will feel a burning sensation like others I’ve read on here). I did exactly on how she instructed and AMAZINGLY the migraine was gone in 5 minutes. And there was no burning sensation at all. I love Sprix. It’s now my go to medicine to relieve my migraine.”

Anonymous April 26, 2012

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