FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: SOMA COMPOUND

User Comments:

For Muscle Pain “The Best Muscle relaxer and pain relief ever!”

condial13 (taken for 10 years or more) May 12, 2016

For Muscle Spasm “I have fibromi. muscle spams almost all the time from other back injuries. I find it is the only muscle relaxant that works for me. I was on four a day and never had any side effects from it. I went to my family doctor who has been managing my pain for eight years she told me she could not write my norkos or soma any longer due to the government. I am on my own here”

debmyhud123 February 8, 2016

For Muscle Spasm “I have three herniated disc’s and found Soma to work extremely well. I have tried many other muscle relaxers and found this to work the best!”

Lenore13 November 18, 2014

For Muscle Spasm “For I.C. (Interstitial cystitis) this will be the a effective anti-spasmodic for the bladder and incontinence due to a spasmodic bladder.After 10 years on Soma; effects have decreased severely.”

Lasardo (taken for 10 years or more) November 17, 2014

For Muscle Spasm “Taken for costochronditis.Works very well. Prescription too strong for me (350 mg) so I cut in half. Takes away the pain but can’t skip a dose. Pain will come back full force. Absence of pain. Better taken with food. Can cause stomach problems.”

BarbBat November 6, 2013

For Muscle Spasm “Works great. I’ve taken them for 6 yrs until switched to diazepam.”

KatRL31 August 8, 2013

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