FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: PROLIXIN

User Comments:

For Psychosis “I was given Prolixin one day & a couple of days later I had a very bad grand mal seizure that wouldn’t stop and ended up in intensive care. No apologies from anyone just a $35,000 hospital bill. No admission that this pill caused it. Due to all the abnormalities that can show up on an EEG I was diagnosed with epilepsy and brain damage. I’ve seen a neurologist since then and I have neither. This pill is dangerous.”

PeacefulJustice (taken for less than 1 month) April 29, 2017

For Psychosis “I’ve taking Prolixin since the 70’s. It has saved my life. I’m scared of the possible side effects, but the trick is for all of the movements episodes I take 2 mg of Artane each time I take the Prolixin it takes all the side effects away. ….try it!”

daflea (taken for 10 years or more) December 20, 2014

For Psychosis “I needed to get on the lowest dose acceptable because it made me very tired but it controlls the symptoms very well no more paranoia, hallucinations, delusions etc. The best one I’ve tried so far.”

rambo79 January 22, 2012

For Psychosis “Seems to work on quietening the racing thoughts. Just a bit scary to think of the possible side-effect. Still better than the Metabolic Syndrome that is a by product of the newer medicines.”

Anonymous May 10, 2009

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