FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: PROLIA, XGEVA

User Comments:

For Osteoporosis “I have taken Prolia for six years. Last summer my muscles in my knee ,that I had a replacement, would tighten up so I couldn’t walk. I had another shot in November 2017 not knowing that the Prolia shot could be causing my pain. My Endocrinologist told me in December that it was the shot causing my problem. The muscle spasms have been severe this last month. I am afraid to go anywhere by myself. The pain will come on in a matter of seconds. Other pain in hands, feet and arms. Can anyone tell me how long it will take to get this out of my system? No more Prolia!!!!”

gcruse1952 (taken for 5 to 10 years) March 5, 2018

For Osteoporosis “I received the injection in December ‘17 and the shot was easy to take. I initially had no local side effects to the injection. Three weeks after receiving the injection of Prolia I started to feel numbness and tingling all over my body and I developed diarrhea. I ended up going back to my Doctor who took my calcium level and it dropped to 7.1. I started increasing my calcium intake and it went back to normal after two weeks. I still have multiple spasms in my body. The diarrhea really did resolve in two weeks and after losing my appetite it came back after three weeks. I am now 2 1/2 months into the shot and still getting quivering and spasms all over my body including my arms legs and face especially around my mouth hands and feet. There are times I feel foggy and extremely fatigued. The feelings do come and go. This drug is a nightmare. I would not waste my time taking this drug I already lost two months of my life. Too bad there is not a way to reverse it.”

Lousy March 4, 2018

For Osteoporosis “It took one full year after my second injection of Prolia for the excruciating back pain and paralyzing fatigue to stop. Still have some remaining nerve pain and muscle soreness. Very difficult to get my doctors to believe it was side effect of the drug but finally convinced a new Endocrinologist I went to see that it was from Prolia. Very scary year.”

Suse March 4, 2018

For Osteoporosis “I had my first shot on 2/13/2018 (my Dr. didn’t tell me name of shot or any side effects of this drug) because of bone density test due to medication for breast cancer. Feb. 25 had the worst gum infection and sore jaw. Went to immedicare and they gave me a antibotic , then on Mon. I found a dentist that would take me in and I wanted to have the tooth extracted that was causing the problem. Dentist had numbed me etc, just before procedure he asked if I was on any bone treatment and told him about the shot. He stopped and called by Dr. and was told what I was taking, so he has now referred me to an oral surgeon. The dentist explained the drug I was taking and what could have happened if he had done the extraction. I will not be taking this again. Preventative isn’t worth the other risks.”

Always Ask February 28, 2018

For Osteoporosis “59 years old. First injection December 2017. Now Feb 2018. No side effects at all. Also taking 4000iu vitamin D and Caltrate. Yoga, weight and resistance training. Discovered epilepsy medication zonisamide contributing to bone density loss. Hoping to cease depletion and restore somewhat. Watch this space….”

Meandering (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 26, 2018

For Osteoporosis “I have had one injection of this drug and will not be taking another one. Before taking this drug I spoke the infusion Dr, a dentist and my primary care. They assured me it was ok to take. I read common reactions and worried a little but broken hip sounded worse. Boy, big mistake, a 10 on the pain scale of bone pain in thigh. Lucky to have Tramadol on hand or it would have been emergency room. Not one doctor will admit it is this drug, and they only did a xray after I threw a fit. Five months later the pain is less, but still there and make walking very difficult. Also the ear pain with no indication why. How come this is still on the market when adverse reports out number good reports. Make a CDC report too.”

tm5276 (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 26, 2018

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