FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: PREZCOBIX

User Comments:

For HIV Infection “I switched from epzicom,rayataz,norvir, to epzicom,prezcobix. So far i got itchy rash on my arm my viral load has gone up. gives me insomnia swollen legs , back pain , realy bad insomnia . i would not recomend this to anyone . the original reg i was on just gave me insomnia so i am going to switch back and hope my viral load goes back down.”

Tim hiv 2007 May 20, 2016

For HIV Infection “This made me break out in broken blood vessels that became swollen. My lower extremities began swelling up first, I had had issues with swelling in my legs before so I though that was it, but it became much worse than I had ever experienced. It spread to my arms. I got red and blotchy and itchy. At that time after a week and a half of misery, I realized it was the drug. My previous treatment worked fine, I don’t know why they had me switch. I assume to try out the new drug. I’ve learne my lesson “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it””

JohnJacob November 26, 2015

For HIV Infection “Just started on Prezcobix. My Dr. moved me off of Isentress because it was causing me joint pain. Usually I’ve done really well on my HIV meds. Been taking them since 1996. Just getting started on this one though. They are large, but sort of flat so somewhat easy to swallow. Just pay attention to how you swallow them. No side effects while first starting, so I was glad of that. I’ll do another review after I’ve been on it for more than 7 months to a year. Thanks”

ByronW July 23, 2015

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