FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: PREDNISOLONE

User Comments:

For Postoperative Ocular Inflammation: “I used this after cataract surgery. I noticed that I have been getting more fatigued after almost 3 weeks of use. My balance is definitely unsteady and I am use to walking over 7000 steps a day. My thinking is foggy. It would be scary if I had to use precision tools. I am becoming more hesitant on using stairs in my 2 story home. Shall be consulting Doctor after having read other comments.”

Holly (taken for less than 1 month) February 27, 2018

For Iritis: “I’m taking it for two month so far , I haven’t experienced any side effect yet. Is it true that I could cause blindness ?”

I’m taking it for 2 month now. (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 20, 2017

For Postoperative Ocular Inflammation: “I used these drops as prescribed, 4x daily, beginning several days before cataract surgery for 6 weeks (2 weeks after the second surgery). I was not told of possible adverse side effects. When I became ill soon after starting the drops, I did not realize what was causing the problem and was afraid to tell the doctor for fear he would not perform the second surgery. However, I was so fatigued and lethargic that I had to stop exercising, and just got through each day doing the minimum to get by. I was also plagued by fluid in my ear. It wasn’t until stopping prednisone for 2 weeks that I began to feel better. Patients should be told of the possible side effects, and I think prednisone should be avoided or the minimum possible prescribed.”

Sandhill Garden (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 16, 2017

For Postoperative Ocular Inflammation: “Experiencing muscle pain and weakness, poor sleep quality, and general fatigue but not sure if these symptoms are from side effects of this med after a week and a half of using drops in eye. Also noticing some irritation and mental confusion post op. Is this common after cataract surgery? I feel vision adjustment issues might cause the vertigo & loss of muscular control I am also experiencing.”

Tiger Terry December 17, 2016

For Iritis: “I started taking this because I have shingles on my face and on my eye. I took 1drop on the left eye every hour for 13hours. By the end of that time my eye was seriously sore. I went to bed and next a.m.my eye was better according to Dr. So yeah sometimes it’s. going to hurt more before it gets better”

Dhallen1 December 9, 2016

For Iritis: “I am a 75 year old male, and have reoccurring bout with Iritis, this is the ONLY medication that I take for it (there is another more powerful med. but I can’t think of the name of it) . The only side affect I have is a momentary burning however it is only momentary. I think the med. great and I recommend it.”

Denny3 August 25, 2016

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