FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: PAREMYD

User Comments:

For Pupillary Dilation “Non-professional concern that Idaho Hick’s reaction is close enough to symptoms of acute angle glaucoma, potentially caused by the drops, to warrant further investigation, but my experience is increased blurred vision that continues 18 hours the ophthalmologist appointment, and a physiologically depressed heaviness. Reported to doctors but they are unconcerned.”

Youmustbekidding (taken for less than 1 month) September 13, 2016

For Pupillary Dilation “Within an hour my eyes were getting very red and then stinging. I felt very irritated and not normal and suffered a loss of balance and depressed feelings. Had to hold onto things to keep from falling and strangers noticed and asked if I was all right. A little better the next day but eyes still very red and burning. Was told by my doctor to rinse my eyes and it would help but hasn’t made much difference yet. Cool not ice packs seem to help the most.Not sure if I can take it at my next eye exam.”

Idaho hick (taken for less than 1 month) July 19, 2016

For Pupillary Dilation “It was used to dilate my pupils. Did not seem to have same effects as in past. That is when I was told these were new, lower dose drops. Driving home it kicked in and my eyes felt as in the past. All headlights, street lights, etc. looked like starburst, eyes felt tight. Next day same thing. Eyes were still out of focus. Three days later the same and eyes burned (same as when drops administered) when something made me cry. Not sure if related, but face getting flushed, lost balance several times. Six days from appointment, eyes still look glassy, feel strange and are still out of focus. Doc has no idea why. Kind of freakin’ out, but hope they are normal soon.”

Out of Focus February 10, 2015

For Pupillary Dilation “It was used to dilate my pupils. About an hour after the exam I became irritable, had a severe headache and felt depressed.”

Dj2 May 9, 2013

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