FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: ORTHO-CEPT

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I was on Ortho Cept for three years it was the first pill I tried since I was on the Depo-Provera for 8 years. I loved it!! Even though I loved the depo shot they don’t recommend it over a long period of time. There were no negative effects for me, positive effect was a whole cup size up in my breast. I can say once I got off all birth control it was the first time I ever had cramps, felt sluggish and had mood swings. It’s been three years not on any birth control So I can’t wait to get back on ortho cept this month!”

Anonymous (taken for 2 to 5 years) October 12, 2017

For Birth Control “I took Ortho cept for about 1 year and it was amazing. I had no cramps, my periods were regulate, my skin was clear. I never had a problem with it. I had to stop taking it because my insurance no longer covered it and I had to switch to a generic brand and ever since it has been a nighmare with birth control. My breast size also increased about a cup, which for me it was awesome!”

EvaLi November 17, 2015

For Birth Control “I completely lost my sex drive. It’s like eating broccoli, you just don’t want it.”

Daria W (taken for 1 to 6 months) December 11, 2014

For Birth Control “Had not been on birth control for many years and decided that I should go back on as my husband and I were not planning to have kids. I had previously been on Loestrin years before for painful periods and heavy bleeding, but after taking that for a few years those side effects diminished and I stopped taking birth control. With Ortho-Cept my periods immediately started getting extremely painful again, maybe even worse than in the past. Also, I developed symptoms of Acid Reflux which I have never had before (it is a gross feeling). Have always had decent sized breasts but with Ortho-Cept I gained probably about 15 pounds and became a triple D. Also was nauseous all the time. Anxious to switch back to LoEstrin!!”

NavyGirl3 September 8, 2014

For Birth Control “This was the first birth control pill I went on. I broke out at first, but it went away after about 2 months. Breasts went from an A to a C (only good side effect) but it made me gain weight and also made me really emotional and angry all the time. I had to switch because of that. Now I’m on Lutera.”

Ortho-cept (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 22, 2014

For Birth Control “I was on Orthocept for about 4 months and for the first 2 and 1/2-3 months it was great! It regulated my periods, and they only lasted 2-3 days which was awesome! I did have worse cramps then I did when I wasn’t on the pill but they tended to last only about 2 days. I had to quit Orthocept when I was just about finished my 4th pack because I found that it was like I was PMSing for 3 weeks at a time and my period wouldn’t stop. When I first started the pill it was phenomenal and never once did I feel like I would get pregnant even without using a condom (I always took my pill within 5 minutes of the same time everyday). I highly recommend this, I know everyone’s experience will be very individual but I loved it for the first while.”

Anonymous (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 11, 2014

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