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For High Cholesterol “Had high Triglycerides for more than a decade. Was on Niaspan for much of that time. Little or no impact on my numbers (continually had 400 level Triglycerides or higher)My daughter, a nursing student, suggested I look at something different. Finally moved to Lopid. Take 1 pill when I wake up, and one 30 minutes before my evening meal. Since taking Lopid, I’ve not had a number higher than 150, and I’m eating what I want. I realize that Niaspan might work for some. But if it’s not working for you, I strongly recommend trying Lopid.”

Frank 12 August 2, 2017

For Hyperlipoproteinemia “I must be really rare because my condition is low cholesterol. My body does not produce enough niacin. My bad cholesterol is at a normal range so are my lipids. I have been on Niaspan for 6 years at least. My cholesterol levels have been steady since. I am at the maximum dose of 2000mg a day. The only problem with it is the flushing. I hate it! I take it at night with a bowl of cereal and a 325 mg entrophen to reduce the flushing.”

Nicky08 March 10, 2015

For High Cholesterol “I have been taking 1500 mg at bedtime for about 4 years. It has lowered my cholesterol some but I’m also taking Zetia and Crestor too at this time. (I have Familial High Cholesterol about 380) I have flushing, but it is mild compared to regular Niacin which I could never tolerate. Flushing is worse if I forget and skip a day. Drinking water helps with the flushing.”

42 January 16, 2015

For High Cholesterol “Off it completely for 2 days now. Acid reflux much better and more importantly no Pronounced heart beats or racing. Feeling normal again thank God. I truly believe after my experience with both Niaspan and Crestor is that they actually starve your heart of the Oxygen it needs if your an athlete. Heart rate problems or potential Arrhythmia’s may not be revealed in people who have more sedentary lifestyles. The fact that the new recommendation is to stack COQ10 with the statins should prove that they can rob your heart of energy when you work it hard during intense exercise. “

Trainhard (taken for 6 months to 1 year) July 18, 2014

For High Cholesterol “Posted about a year ago here after I first started a 500 mg nightly regimen of Niaspan. For awhile it appeared as though I would not have the usual side effect of burning skin. However, the Acid reflux I began experiencing began to worsen over time along with gastric problems at night. Then as an active person who is involved in teaching Cardio Boxing classes I began to experience weird feelings in my chest along with a more pronounced heart beat during and after exercise. Felt like I swallowed a Basketball at times. Also could not have any alcohol Beer or Wine while taking this. I decided to stop taking it in fear of creating an Arrythmyia or Stroke during my exercise which also is my Job. This is day one off of it and feel better.”

Trainhard (taken for 1 to 2 years) July 16, 2014

For High Cholesterol “Niaspan was prescribed by my doctor for Lipid Protein little a. My cholestrol was about 400+. I took one dose (500mg) at night and within 30 minutes I was in emergency room with anaphylactic shock. I don’t remember much of anything till I woke up the next morning and was told how bad it almost was for me. I take 8 statins to maintain a cholesterol of 200.”

GLAD TO BE ALIVE (taken for less than 1 month) March 18, 2014

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