FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: MIRTAZAPINE

User Comments:

For Depression: “Found this drug rejuvenating after years on others. It definitely worked for several years (I use antidepressants permanently) not going back lol. I think depression a learning curve basically drugs assist this any way this drug does get tiring eventually .makes you want to quit. Or change”

Olido (taken for 5 to 10 years) March 13, 2018

For Major Depressive Disorder: “I took Remeron 30mg for about a year and a half. It helped my depression without aggravating my anxiety, which is something no other antidepressant I tried was able to do. However, I gained 40 pounds in a year, and got acne… EVERYWHERE… literally hundreds of blemishes all over my face and body. I am pushing 50, well past the age where acne would usually be a concern. I weaned myself off and my skin cleared up completely. Still struggling with the weight, though.”

SymbaSymba (taken for 1 to 2 years) March 10, 2018

For Insomnia: “Do not use because all hell breaks loose in your head with bizarre dreams. You will fall asleep for a couple hours and wake up with the thought what the hell just happened. You put on weight so after a week I stopped taking them.”

ELK March 10, 2018

For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: “This stuff isn’t for the faint hearted it whacked my brain into over drive and I munched my way to 50kg in weight, serious diarrhea for 5 months been taking for 2 years now . It’s like this evil pill. I take the 60 mg once a day and boy can I sleep for england at 1 point I was sleeping for 27 hours waking up to take the next one then back to sleep for 20 hours , it was like this for 4 months now I’ve got it down to 12 hours a day bearing mind I had been an insomniac for 8 months before , it does give you mind busting headaches and has ruined my sex life totally for the last 2 years , so if you want to waste your life in bed waste it in style with these£32.52 each pills”

Cuntface curky (taken for 2 to 5 years) March 8, 2018

For Depression: “This AD is a godsend for depression and insomnia. I had horrible side effects on venlafaxine and citalopram. Mirtazapine was very easy for me to tolerate, however. I started to finally sleep again from the first night, and my depression starting to improve within the first couple weeks. The only negative effect I experienced was weight gain. I took mirtazapine for about a year (1 month at 15mg, 11 months at 30mg) and gained about 20 pounds in that time – and I’m quite small and have never really gained weight before. To be honest though I wasn’t really watching what I ate or exercising regularly. Even so, this AD was so effective for me and so easy to tolerate that the benefits far outweighed the extra pounds, at least for me. And they came off with very little effort when I tapered off the medication.”

Anonymous March 7, 2018

For Depression: “I went on mirtazepine after many years of ever worsening depression, anxiety and insomnia. I am generally against taking pills for psychological conditions, but nothing worked thus far. I was on 15mg a day. I managed to stick it out for two weeks and then had to quit; in that short time it nearly destroyed me: The sedative effect heightened my anxiety and death-pangs that cause my insomnia, partly because it interfered severely with my heart rate ( I have a pacemaker). Additionally I was not able to do any activity during the day as I was completely wiped out. I had to be signed off from work as I couldn’t focus mentally on anything and I had to stop all forms of physical activity. Sex life, forget about it. Worst of all, my depression increased to levels I couldn’t handle. I felt extreme and constant rage, sadness, total hopelessness and self-hatred. Also increased stress, anxiety, irritation, paranoia and angst.”

Tack March 7, 2018

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