FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: MIGERGOT

User Comments:

For Migraine “This is the only medicine that works for my wife. She has tried all of the other migraine type medicines, and none of them work. Years ago she started taking Cafergot, then it was taken off the market and she was hardly able to function. Then after Migergot was available her Doctor prescribed that, and she was like a new person. When Migergot was not available for a few months in 2012 she was miserable again, so we were most thankful when it once again became available. She does not have side effects from it, is able to function normally, and goes to the YMCA almost every day and is able to participate in Yoga, Pilates, strength training, hiking, biking and traveling at age 83. Migergot has been a God Send for her.”

CP 1 March 10, 2013

For Cluster Headaches “I have a head injury due to a car accident and the only thing that works for the very painful headaches was Cafergot suppositories. When they were taken off the market my Dr switched to Migergot which has worked very well for me as I have flare ups.”

LILLYPOD007 February 21, 2012

For Migraine “I get migraine and mixed variant headaches. I spent 18 years at a local head pain and neurological institute. I had many tests and participated in research trial drugs. Cafergot was the only thing that worked for me after many different medicines and combinations of medicines. Then Cafergot was taken off the market because it was too expensive. Migergot works but the base they use was not as effective as Cafergot and caused abdominal swelling and bloating for me. I have IBS-C so Migergot irritated that. I can’t live without Migergot, It was taken off the market in December of 2011 and I hear won’t be back until May.”

Choanie January 29, 2012

For Migraine “I used to take Cafergot, then after they stopped making it, I found Migergot. I am so thankful for it as it is the only medicine that lets me live a normal life. It has been a God-Send. Tablets or sprays just don’t work for me, so I am very dependent on Migergot Suppositories.”

Anonymous December 25, 2011

For Migraine “I can no longer get Cafergot since they stopped making it. Migergot is just as good, but is so expensive in the U.S. I need it very much and I take it with Phenegran so it does not make me sick. Half in the morning and half in the evening. This prevents most of my migraines with the exception of wind migraines which nothing can help for those kind. I hope that Cafergot will be made again or Migergot was cheaper.”

Shadoc November 17, 2011

For Migraine “After Cafergot went off the market, my doctor switched me to Migergot. It has been the only medicine that works for me. It has given me my life back, so that I am able to function normally.”

Anonymous November 12, 2011

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