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User Comments on MIBELAS 24 FE:

For Birth Control: bleeding and horrible side effects

“Only a month in and having the absolute worst experience. Mibelas 24 FeĀ is the 3rd birth control pill I have ever tried and I have never had this bad of problems. 2 weeks in to the pack I started bleeding. I’m now almost to the end of the pack and still bleeding off and on ever single day. I have horrible mood swings. I get so upset over nothing. My anxiety is horrible! I’m overly emotional too! I’m driving myself insane and probably everyone else around me. The next pack will be the next to go but if by the end of that one I’m not better…then to hell with mibelas 24. I NEVER had any kind of horrible side effects like this one Minastrin 24. My insurance no longer covers minastrin 24 so they switch me to Mibelas 24 Fe. Not the same AT ALL so far!!”

MIBELAS 24 FE, horrible side effects, and mood swings
All the mood swings the drug brought me!

Meg (taken for less than 1 month) March 13, 2018

For Birth Control: no period and mood swings

“My insurance automatically switched my birth control to this brand since they no longer covered Minastrin 24 Fe anymore. So about 5 months ago I started taking Mibelas 24 Fe. The first month everything seemed pretty normal, the second month my period was a day late (which has NEVER happened before), and by the third and fourth months, I didn’t get a period at all, no spotting or anything. As a person who is sexually active, it would be nice to get my period every month as peace of mind that I’m not pregnant. (Before you read what’s next, both months I took pregnancy tests and both were negative.) I also have been experiencing some serious mood swings and also developed acne on my back. Not extreme side effects, but definitely side effects I have never had on previous birth controls before.”

MIBELAS 24 FE, horrible side effects, and mood swings
I got back acne because of the drug.

AnonymousKM February 6, 2018

For Birth Control: horrible side effects

“I wish I had read about this pill before taking it. I was on Minestrin for two years and loved it. CVS switched me to Mibelas, and I experienced terrible headaches and extreme shortness of breathe to the point I thought I was going to choke to death. It took me awhile to figure out it was the Mibelas, but when I did, I stopped taking it, and I never felt better. I had constant headaches for the 2 months I was taking it, and severe anxiety. I stopped going to class and literally thought I was losing my mind. It is not worth the price difference between Minestrin and Mibelas 24 Fe. This product should not even be sold.

MIBELAS 24 FE, horrible side effects, and mood swings
Terrible headache bothers me.

PaigeMe November 23, 2017

For Birth Control: spotting and long period

“I took Loestrin and then Minastrin for years. I was off the pill for a couple of years and then wanted to get back on. My doctor prescribed Mibelas. I started taking the first pack on the first day of my period, and then my period lasted for 11 days. I stuck it out for 4 months. I’ve never had any spotting on or off the pill and with Mibelas I was spotting for at least a week every month in the middle of the pack, and then I’d still get my period. It brought horrible sides effects, too. It killed my sex drive and gave me headaches. The only benefit is it gave me slightly clearer skin and kept me from pregnancy. Worst birth control I’ve ever taken.

MIBELAS 24 FE, horrible side effects, and mood swings
My period starts to last soooooo long.

Mibe-blahs (taken for 1 to 6 months) November 18, 2017

For Birth Control: cystic acne

“CVS and my insurance switched me from brand name minsatrin to generic mibelas. I had beautiful skin and never had an acne problem until I went on mibelas. About a month after starting mibelas I developed cystic acne that was not only painful but has left significant scarring on the sides of my face at 24 years old. Immediately after stopping it, the acne stopped. My gynecologist got me off that god awful brand and told me that though the pharmacist and insurance will claim that generic and brand name are the same, they are not. The horrible side effects are nightmarish. Thanks a lot for ruining my face mibelas. While the nominal out of pocket cost was $0, I have spent hundreds to get rid of these cysts on the side of my face.

MIBELAS 24 FE, horrible side effects, and mood swings
cystic acne

Acne scars November 13, 2017

For Birth Control: no period and mood swings

“My insurance switched me to Mibelas from Minastrin (probably because my insurance wanted to cover the generic.) It was effective in preventing pregnancy and after a few months my period stopped completely. In the last month or two I was on it I became very depressed and experienced mood swings. I also gained about 10lbs since starting it but I’m not positive I can attribute it to the birth control. But since being off Mibelas for 2 1/2 weeks and on Lo Loestrin I have lost around 2lbs and do not feel the depression or mood swings I felt in Mibelas.”

MIBELAS 24 FE, horrible side effects, and mood swings
I get fickle.

Skub (taken for 6 months to 1 year) November 8, 2017

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