FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: MAXALT

User Comments:

For Migraine “Maxalt is a life saver. I have been using this med for 7 years. Most times I have to take 2 pills within 24 hours. My problem is I wait and hope my headache won’t turn into a migraine. Then when it is a migraine I take the pill. By then it takes hours for the migraine and aura to break. The side effects I can deal with. Tiredness,nausea that is mild and some dizziness. I recommend Maxalt to anyone who can benefit from it.”

Brockaway February 12, 2018

For Migraine “This medication seems to work the best out of the triptans I have tried. I take it as needed in addition to Topamax which I take daily as a preventative. It usually works within an hour and I do not need a second pill. I take the generic it works fine for me. I get migraines from weather pressure, hormones, foods and smells. Life changer for me.”

Becca4130 (taken for 2 to 5 years) January 28, 2018

For Migraine “I have had great results with Maxalt. The problem is now a generic form of Maxalt came out and It just doesn’t work as good as the real Maxalt. I have to take 3 times as much and just get minimal response from the generic medication. I might as well just ride out the migraine that normally doesn’t last more than 24 hrs and not have to worry about the possible side effects of the drug. The real Maxalt is worth any side effect it might come with. I would rather suffer a heart attack than have a migraine any day. You just have to be lucky enough to have a Dr that will tell the insurance company you need the real stuff.”

Anonymous (taken for 5 to 10 years) January 9, 2018

For Migraine “I have used MAXALT for about 8 years and it is a life changer – generally 45 minutes and it lifts after sometimes crippling migraines from the age of 6. Occasionally I need a second but would never take more than 2 in 24 hours as directed by my doctor. Fairly minimal side effects but an extra positive is that it appears to clear my sinuses too!! I thought I was imagining it but I then found some research that confirmed this”

MWIA (taken for 5 to 10 years) January 4, 2018

For Migraine “I’ve had migraines for over 40 years. As a teenager they were hormonal only. I didn’t have any while pregnant! Afterwards they came back and are now weather pressure, hormonal + allergy related. I have to go rest if I need a Maxalt 10mg due to side effects. Maxalt 5mg allow me to continue to work but I don’t feel I could drive as eyesight and reactions are impaired. I have found if you need a 2nd Maxalt, thats ok but a 3rd will increase the migraine like taking too many pain meds. If you do this, you need to regulate yourself back to no meds to get the migraine to go.”

Bev, Acton, ON (taken for 10 years or more) December 14, 2017

For Migraine “99% of the time my migraine symptoms fade within an hour. I have had to take a second tablet only twice in ten years. I can function as normal. The only drawback is feeling tired and increased urination, but compared to going through a 36 hour migraine, that’s nothing!”

JannaP (taken for 10 years or more) October 29, 2017

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